Daylight Savings Time and Car Accidents

It’s not some sort of urban myth. Daylight Saving Time really does cause car accidents. Of course, it’s not Daylight Saving Time itself that is the issue. It’s the disruption of sleep schedules from the semiannual transition to or from it. Researchers have documented that the shift really does result in an increase in car

Pedestrian Accidents and Dangerous Walking

The dangers of digital device use while driving are now widely known. But there is also a growing problem with pedestrian accidents and distracted walking. In this post, we will inform you about this new phenomenon, which has led to the coinage of a new term, petextrian, and how that may lead to pedestrian accidents.


Front crash prevention systems  In this post, we will focus on a safety improvement that has not been as high-profile as autonomous autos but has shown an encouraging ability to cut down on accidents. This safety improvement is the use of front crash prevention systems. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently released data

The Safety Of Self-Driving Cars

It is no big surprise that Americans enjoy their autonomy. While self-driving cars are piquing community interest, most Americans are weary to let go of the wheel. Driverless technology is currently being researched for its safety. As most studies are showing, self-driving cars are much safer than human drivers. Even with this knowledge Americans are