Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury case may involve complex medical and legal issues. But in the end, it largely comes down to insurance — establishing the liability of one or more insured parties and maximizing the available coverage.

Personal Injury Litigation

The personal injury attorneys of KG Injury Law excel in this area because of our attorneys’ unique and extensive background in personal injury litigation. Our methods and strategies, honed from thousands of cases, consistently translate into better recoveries for our clients. We routinely help accident victims and grieving family members recover the policy limits and tap into additional sources of compensation. We are always prepared to go to court to enforce your rights under the law.

We Know Insurance

From litigating countless auto accidents and other personal injury cases over the years, our personal injury lawyers can readily identify the key facts and inconsistencies that will sway a jury or provide the upper hand in negotiations. Our thorough understanding of how insurance claims are processed and evaluated, coupled with our courtroom skills and reputation, helps us obtain the fullest compensation in the most efficient manner:

  • We recognize the true value of your case and all potential coverages.
  • We understand the nuances of insurance policy language.
  • We know what documentation is most relevant to a full and timely settlement.
  • We draw on top experts nationwide to develop claims and testify in court.
  • We anticipate legal obstacles and defense tactics.
  • We negotiate from a position of strength because insurers know we are prepared and equipped to take cases all the way to jury verdict.

Our integrity in the insurance industry is conducive to a favorable resolution of claims. While we are strong advocates for our clients, we do not resort to heated rhetoric or unreasonable demands. Insurance adjusters and defense firms know they can work with us. Just as importantly, they know we will come to the courtroom or the negotiating table with a thoroughly investigated and well-articulated case.

Some law firms are content with a quick settlement, leaving money on the table that their clients need and deserve. At KG Injury Law, we explore all theories of liability and sources of compensation, including lawsuits against third parties whose negligence contributed to the accident or injuries. Our attorneys also regularly litigate first-party claims, such as uninsured/underinsured motorist or homeowner’s coverage, under our clients’ own policies.


When damages exceed the available insurance, we may pursue claims directly against the personal or corporate assets of the responsible parties. Our attorneys are well-versed in legal procedures such as asset tracing, securing judgments, garnishing wages, and levying bank accounts. These remedies often provide thousands of extra dollars to families to cover their losses, hardships, and future needs.

Personal Injury Attorneys

We are committed to getting full value for your claims and taking care of you in the process. To put our experience to work for you, contact one of our personal injury attorneys online or call us toll-free at 866-492-6365. We offer a free initial consultation, with offices in Cleveland, Columbus, and Chicago.

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