Negligent Administration Of Medication

The mantra of medical professionals who administer medications to patients is the right drug in the right dose at the right time. Medication errors can be especially dangerous for elderly residents of nursing homes, because their health is already compromised. One mistake can cause irreversible harm or death.

Unfortunately, medication errors are common in nursing homes. If your loved one took a sudden turn for the worse or you believe that their illness or death is related to medications, the experienced attorneys of Keis George can step in. We have held Ohio nursing homes accountable for the catastrophic effects of negligence in administering drugs to residents.

Was Your Loved One Harmed By A Drug Error?
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Injury From Nursing Home Medication Errors

Nursing home residents commonly take multiple different prescriptions for their various conditions, including powerful drugs with strong side effects. This is not an excuse for injury. To the contrary, it demands extra caution on the part of staff doctors, nurses and administrators.

Medication errors in nursing homes take many forms:

  • Improperly prescribed drugs
  • Administering the wrong drug
  • Contraindications such as known drug allergies or cross-reactions with other meds
  • Improper dosage (overdose or underdose)
  • Failure to administer needed drugs at the proper time
  • Overmedication such as strong sedatives
  • Nonsterile procedures with intravenous medication, resulting in infection

Our lawyers work with medical experts who can review medical records and attest that the nursing home staff blatantly messed up or failed to adhere to the standard of care. For example, did the prescribing doctor take the patient’s other medications or incompatible conditions into account? Did the nurses forget a dose or forget to record it on the chart? Were their protocols to double-check medications?

Experienced And Committed Pursuit Of Justice

Medication errors can lead to stroke or heart attack, brain damage, nerve damage, organ damage, severe pain or premature death. Our experienced trial lawyers are skilled at making the connection between adverse outcomes and mistakes by nursing homes. We pursue appropriate compensation for medical intervention and your loved one’s suffering or permanent disability.

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