Injuries and Property Damage From Fires And Explosions

People who survive a gas explosion are said to be “lucky.” But it doesn’t feel so fortunate for those who lost loved ones, suffered severe burns or struggle with post-traumatic effects. The physical, emotional, and psychological wounds never completely heal.

The law firm of KG Injury Law has represented victims of fires and explosions in cases across Ohio and Illinois. We understand how to investigate these accidents to establish the underlying negligence. We also spend time with victims and families to understand the impact on their lives and make sure they are compensated accordingly.

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If you were injured by a fire, explosion or electrical shock, call our offices today in Cleveland, Columbus or Chicago. We can discuss our experience with these cases in a free consultation.

Experienced Representation Of Explosion Victims

Our personal injury trial attorneys have obtained numerous recoveries for devastating explosions, including five cases against AmeriGas in the last few years. We will pursue action against utility companies, HVAC companies, gas tank manufacturers, hotels, motels and apartment complexes, and other entities that share responsibility for a preventable tragedy. KG Injury Law can knowledgeably conduct the investigation relating to:

  • Liquid propane explosions;
  • Natural gas explosions;
  • Machinery and equipment explosions;
  • Electrical fires (electrical short);
  • Power lines (electric shock injury/electrocution death);
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning; and
  • Other fires and explosions,

We have represented families in wrongful death actions, recovering compensation for the profound losses and hardships from fatal gas explosions. We have also represented individuals who were injured in fires or blasts, recovering comprehensive compensation for surgery, skin grafts and rehab of burn injuries; hearing loss and other sensory damage; psychological and emotional trauma; and massive property damage.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers are prepared to go to trial if necessary to hold the liable parties accountable and ensure that our clients’ long-term needs are taken care of. To discuss our experience and how it can make a difference in your case, call 866-492-6365 or contact KG Injury Law online.