Bedsores Are An Indication Of Nursing Home Neglect

Many nursing home residents are confined to beds all day or most of the day. In addition to losing muscle tone and bone density, lying immobile for long periods can lead to nerve damage and painful and dangerous bedsores. Quality care can often prevent bedsores. Unfortunately, many bedridden residents do not get proper assistance and monitoring, allowing these wounds to develop and progress.

The law firm of Keis George holds Ohio nursing homes accountable for negligence and neglectresulting in injury, illness or death. Our experienced lawyers have obtained many recoveries for substandard care resulting in preventable suffering and complications of bedsores.

Did Your Loved One Develop Bedsores?
A bedsore is not always the result of poor care, but it is certainly one of the telltale signs. With offices in Cleveland, Columbus and Chicago, we handle cases statewide in Ohio and Illinois. Call us today for a free consultation.

Holding Nursing Facilities Accountable For Substandard Care

Patients who are confined to bed should be turned or repositioned at regular intervals to relieve pressure and improve circulation. Bedsores (also called pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers) typically form at bony pressure points — hips, tailbone, elbows, heels. It begins as redness and soreness, then a crack or bleeding. Without treatment, pressure ulcers progress into open wounds and eventually may penetrate all the way to the bone. They are incredibly painful and highly susceptible to infection.

We hold nursing homes accountable for failure to prevent bedsores, by showing that nurses and staff did not turn the patient frequently as indicated by the professional standard of care. We also hold facilities accountable for failure to properly treat pressure ulcers once they start. In many cases, residents do not receive timely medical intervention but instead are left to languish in their beds. They are transferred to a hospital only when loved ones notice the sores or they reach a crisis stage.

We Take Action Against Unforgivable Mistreatment

If your loved one suffered or died as a result of untreated bedsores and nursing home neglect, our attorneys will pursue appropriate damages for medical care, lasting injury, and pain and suffering. Call Keis George at 866-492-6365 or contact us online for a free consultation.