Nursing Home Accidents

Accidents happen, and not every accident in a nursing home is caused by negligence. If your loved one suffered a serious injury in a nursing home accident, there are important questions that need to be asked. Was it just an accident, or did the nursing home put your elderly family member at risk? Did violations of standards of nursing home care lead to your loved one’s injury or wrongful death?

At the Ohio personal injury law firm of Keis | George, we are skilled at getting answers in nursing home accident cases. Over the years, our attorneys have handled numerous claims and lawsuits on behalf of families whose loved ones were injured or died as a result of accidents caused by nursing home negligence. Contact a Cleveland nursing home injury lawyer at our firm to discuss your legal options.

When an Accidental Injury Could Have Been Prevented

Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience helping clients bring claims for nursing home injuries that could have been prevented, including:

  • Harm caused by defective equipment or products
  • Injuries from accidents involving faulty railings
  • Serious personal injury sustained during elopement (escape or wandering off) caused by lack of proper security
  • Injuries and fatal accidents resulting from improper administration of medications
  • Falls resulting in serious injury, such as a broken bone, head trauma or brain injury

Falls are some of the most common accidents that occur in nursing homes. Nurses, orderlies and staff members are supposed to be available to assist elderly residents who need help to get into and out of bed or to go to the bathroom. In many cases, the railings on nursing home beds should be raised in order to prevent the resident from falling out of bed. Nursing homes have a duty to maintain the facility — keep the floors in good repair, clean up any spills, etc. — in order to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Contact an Ohio Nursing Home Accident Lawyer at Keis | George for Help

When nursing homes are negligent and accidents occur, we will fight to hold the facility accountable. Contact an Ohio nursing home accident attorney at our firm. From our offices in Cleveland or Columbus, we offer free initial consultations with an experienced personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to standing up for victims of nursing home accidents statewide.