Medical Transport Injury

Many people cannot simply take a bus or taxi to their doctor appointments because of their injuries, infirmities, wheelchairs, or medical conditions. They must arrange for an ambulette or other specialized transportation. Unfortunately, it is all too common that the drivers hired to safely transport elderly and disabled people actually cause injury or traffic accidents in the process. Because the victims are already frail, these incidents often cause lasting harm or death.

If your loved one was injured during medical transport or died as a result of a medical van accident, the experienced and aggressive attorneys of KG Injury Law will strive for justice. We have successfully sued medical transport companies, as well as ambulance services and nursing homes, in Ohio and Illinois for harm stemming from the negligence of their drivers and staff.

We will promptly investigate if you believe that the injuries or accident could have been prevented. Call KG Injury Law today at 866-492-6365 for a free consultation.

Medical Transportation Accidents

From “dial-a-ride” shuttles to ambulettes and medi-vans specifically designed to accommodate serious disabilities and medical conditions, medical transportation providers have a high duty to safety because their passengers are medically fragile to begin with. These companies are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal guidelines, which dictate safety standards for everything from lifts and handrails to seat belts and tie-downs.

Unfortunately, many drivers are unqualified or inadequately trained for the job, or ignore the safety rules and traffic laws as they are transporting passengers from their residence or nursing home. The vehicles themselves may be poorly equipped or maintained. Our firm steps in to help victims and their families deal with the tragic results of:

  • Collisions with other vehicles;
  • Injuries from rough turns and abrupt stops;
  • Unsecured passengers falling from seats, wheelchairs or gurneys;
  • Passengers dropped while being loaded or unloaded;
  • Failure to report injuries or transfer to a hospital;
  • Transportation vehicles not equipped with safety equipment required by ADA; and 
  • Transportation vehicle operators/attendants not properly trained as required by ADA.

Although they are not licensed medical professionals, ambulette drivers are accountable for carelessness or recklessness, and their employers can be held accountable for negligent hiring and supervision. We pursue compensation for the costs of medical intervention and ongoing medical care, permanent injury or disability, and the victim’s pain and suffering. In the process, we hope to put similar providers on notice to adhere to the laws and take better care of their passengers. See examples of our personal injury verdicts and settlements.

Personal Injury Lawyers

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