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It’s common sense: an out-of-control animal can cause serious injuries. Even a small dog can severely injure a child or older person. And yet some dog owners continue to believe that if their animal is usually friendly and has never attacked anyone in the past, it can’t happen. Or if it does, they think they can’t be held accountable. They are wrong.

If you, your child or another family member was badly bitten by a dog in the Cleveland area or anywhere in Ohio, contact the law offices of Keis George today for a free consultation. We will fight for justice and your recovery after a dog bite or animal attack.

When Children Suffer Dog Bites

A dog bite to a child can be especially devastating. Not only do children often suffer significant injuries to the face and neck in dog bites, but they may also have to deal with lasting emotional trauma.

If your child was attacked by a dog, your first priority should be to get the high-quality medical care your child needs. We can help guide you toward physicians who can address issues like facial scarring and disfigurement, as well as qualified therapists who can help your child recover from the psychological scars a dog bite can leave. Lawyers at Keis George will fight to ensure that any claim or lawsuit for damages covers the long-term cost of your child’s recovery, including future plastic surgery, if necessary.

Elderly Dog Attack Victims

At Keis George, we have seen numerous cases of older people who suffered serious injuries — broken ankles, fractured hips, head injuries — when they were knocked down by out-of-control animals. It’s not even necessary for a dog to attack an older person. In many cases the dog never bit or even touched the victim, and yet there still may be a claim for compensation.

Ohio’s Strict Liability Rule

In our state, the owner, harborer or keeper of an animal is held strictly liable for the injuries that animal causes — whether through a direct attack or indirectly (such as when a child is injured in a bike crash while fleeing a dog). That means it is not generally necessary to prove the animal had a history of attacking or a propensity toward violence. It is, however, extremely important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can thoroughly document the sequence of events and extent of the injuries in order to make a compelling case for your recovery.

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