Nursing Home Falls And Fractures

Falls are some of the most common accidents that occur in nursing homes. Because of their frailty, elderly residents are more prone to falling and more prone to broken bones and other harm when they do. For this reason, nurses, orderlies and staff members are supposed to be available to assist residents who need help to get into and out of bed or to go to the bathroom or use the shower.

Bruises, fractures and other injuries can be indicators of nursing home negligence or neglect. If your loved one fell or you suspect he or she was injured in a fall, the attorneys of Keis Georgecan look into the circumstances. We have a successful record of holding elder care facilities accountable for falling injuries.

Was Your Loved One’s Falling Injury Preventable? 
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Falling Accidents May Be A Sign Of Negligence

Upon entering a nursing home, each resident should be assessed by a physician or administrator for fall risk. Residents who are most fragile or unable to walk on their own should always be assisted, and may need extra precautions such as bed restraints.

We examine the medical records, incident reports and other evidence to determine why your loved one fell:

  • Did no staff members answer the call button?
  • Did someone forget to put up the bedrails?
  • Was there an accident while carrying or transferring the resident?
  • Were the floors slick or were there obstacles?
  • Did they fall while using a wheelchair or walker unattended?
  • Did they wander away due to lack of supervision?

Nursing homes have a duty to maintain the facility and closely support residents to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. A “simple” fall can easily cause a hip fracture or broken leg, a fractured arm or wrist, broken ribs, head trauma resulting in brain injury, internal bleeding, lacerations or internal injuries. Because of their compromised health, these injuries can be life-threatening or result in severe disability.

We Are Committed To Holding Nursing Homes Accountable

We seek compensation for medical intervention, including transfer to a hospital or intensive care facility, as well as damages for our client’s ongoing pain and suffering. Pursuing claims for nursing home falls hopefully forces those facilities to make changes that prevent similar injuries to others.

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