Was Your Auto Accident Caused By A Distracted Driver?

A person using a cell phone while driving is an accident waiting to happen. Texting, dialing or any activity that preoccupies the hands or the attention of a driver increases the odds of a crash. Distracted drivers not only cause collisions but often cause worse injuries because of their slowed reactions and traffic errors.

The Cleveland law firm of Keis George is committed to holding those drivers accountable when their reckless actions lead to serious injury or death. We have a record of notable recoveries in motor vehicle accident litigation, including cases of texting while driving and other distracted driving. Call us immediately to start the investigation.

We Ride. We Know The Dangers Of Distracted Drivers.
Trial lawyers Bill Keis and Warren George are avid motorcycle riders. They are highly attuned to distracted driving because they deal with it every time they take their bikes out on the road. In negotiations or in court, they have the firsthand knowledge and motivation to take those drivers to task.

The Menace Of Texting While Driving And Other Distractions

Study after study has shown that a preoccupied driver is a danger to everyone else who shares the road. Sending and receiving text messages is the greatest hazard because it diverts the driver’s hands, eyes, and concentration. In a courtroom, we can show how texting while driving is on par with drunk driving. Texting drivers can’t stay in their lane. They cut people off without even noticing. They travel hundreds of feet without looking at the road. They are slow to hit the brakes. And so on.

When we investigate car accidents, we focus on evidence of distracted operation. Again, as motorcyclists who have to be very vigilant, we’ve witnessed every careless habit of auto drivers:

  • Smartphone distraction (texting, surfing, selfies)
  • Engrossed in cell phone conversation
  • Reading a map, newspaper or book
  • Shaving or applying makeup
  • Eating and drinking
  • Turning to talk to passengers
  • Driving with pets on their lap or dashboard

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we know that distracted driver accidents commonly cause severe injuries because of the factors mentioned above. We are committed to maximizing compensation by detailing disabilities and ongoing medical issues, the impact on finances and employment, and the personal pain and suffering our clients have endured.

We Hold Careless Drivers Accountable

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