The Safety Of Self-Driving Cars

It is no big surprise that Americans enjoy their autonomy. While self-driving cars are piquing community interest, most Americans are weary to let go of the wheel. Driverless technology is currently being researched for its safety. As most studies are showing, self-driving cars are much safer than human drivers. Even with this knowledge Americans are not totally won over.

How much safer are self-driving cars

A recent study has been conducted on Google’s self-driving cars and their safety. It was found that the typical driver gets in 4.2 car crashes per 1 million miles while a self-driving car gets in 3.2 crashes per 1 million miles.

Are Americans ready for driverless technology

Kelly Blue Book published the results of their survey stating that 51% of people said that they prefer full control of their vehicle, even if it is not safer for other drivers. It comes with a mix of doubt and preference that Americans choose to control their vehicles

American culture is known for its independence. Most people in the US own their own vehicles and use it every day. It is common for some people to drive 15 miles to work and take long trips out to the country. For many Americans, the idea of a driverless car is foreign and restricting.

In other countries, the idea of driverless cars is being accepted more easily. In countries such as China, most people will opt for ridesharing and public transportation to get places. In tightly packed cities it doesn’t make much sense for everyone to drive their own car, but the U.S is more spread out and most people have enough space for their own vehicle.

Driverless technology is no spring chicken

Another reason why Americans feel skeptical of self-driving technology is that it is new to them. Most people have only heard of autonomous cars within the past couple of years, but those who are familiar with it will tell you that self-driving technology has been around for a long time.

Driverless technology has been studied for many years and most people do not know of the spectrum of autonomy for vehicles. The spectrum goes from human only to full autonomy which can be run without a person. There are several levels in between which allow for some autonomous functions while still allowing for a driver to take control.

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It appears that the public enjoys a car that can work on its own sometimes but still allows user control at any time. Drivers show a preference for a level of autonomy where the car can work on its own for disabled or intoxicated people or assist long-range drives and parallel parking. Overall a little assistance and a lot of control are where most Americans feel comfortable right now.

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